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A Parrot's Beak is a device, which with the use of a hydrometer, allows you to measure the % ABV of the output from the still. You place your hydrometer into the center tube at the top of the hydrometer where it floats. This allows you to measure the proof of the spirit at any time during the distillation process just by glancing at the level of the hydrometer in your Parrot's Beak. We have stainless steel and copper Parrots Beaks in free standing models and models that attach to the alcohol output line of the still by Tri Clamp or Copper Union. We can build Parrots Beaks that will fit almost any still.

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The picture to the left shows how one of our copper Parrots Beak is connected to a 55 gal. still with a copper reflux column.  Most of our Parrots Beaks have a connection on the bottom for a valve so that you can drain out the First Shots.


To See Our Catalog with all of our different products CLICK HERE