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Testing Stills

Testing stills are great for developing fine spirits.  I believe that the testing still is the most overlooked piece of equipment in the craft and micro distillery industry.  To develop fine spirits you will want a small testing still that will produce like your large still.  We have direct fire testing stills built completely of stainless steel that have copper packing in the heads or columns.   The copper packing removes the sulfides from the alcohol vapor.  Some copper in the vapor path of the still is a necessity. The stainless testing stills with copper packing give you the best of both worlds.  They have the durability of stainless and the wonderful flavor improving qualities of copper.  We also have testing stills that are 100% copper, if that is what you prefer.  We have testing stills with whiskey heads and testing stills with reflux columns and even testing stills with columns that will produce vodka.  We can custom build testing stills that will produce just like your big still no matter what your big stills design is.  We can even produce small self contained steam jacketed testing stills and small steam injected testing stills and small steam injected mash tuns.

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