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   These Mash Tuns work great for making Single Malt Whiskies and any other Whiskeys with a grain bill similar to beer.  These mash tuns work great with our HLTs.  These do not work well for grain bills that are mostly Corn or Rye.


  • 304 stainless steel construction.

  • 61" tall without the lid

  •  1-1/2" Drain Valve

  • False Bottom

  • Sparging Arm

  • 13.8" Manway for cleaning out the spent grain above the false bottom.

  • Clamp Down Lid with a port for a CIP Spray Ball

  • Tri Clamp fittings

Price: $10,187.34

1/3 Payment due when ordering equipment.

1/3 Payment due when equipment is completed.

1/3 Payment due plus shipping when equipment is ready to ship.

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Sparge Arm with Sparge Ball, includes gaskets and 1.5" Tri Clamps for attaching to the Mash Tun $112.50.


CIP Spray Ball.  This Spray Ball fits the 3" CIP port on the lid of the Mash Tun. $43.88 



If you would like to see a much larger copy of the drawing, just click on it. You will have to click your back button to return to this page.





Above is a picture of the false bottom which comes with these Mash Tuns.

Please note the large Manway for cleaning out above the false bottom.