55 Gallon Backwoods Series Steam Injection Boiler




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100 Gallon Backwoods Series Steam Injection Boiler

The drawing above shows one of our Backwoods Series 55-100 gallon Steam Injected Mash Tun Stripping Stills with our Backwoods Series Spirit Safes.  The vessel to the left is the Steam Injection Boiler, the 100 gallon vessel in the middle is our 100 gallon Combination Mash Tun Stripping Still and the vessel to the left is a portable Spirit Safe.  All of our Backwoods Series equipment is built right here at our shop in MO. from used stainless steel food grade drums, tanks and kettles.

The unit in the picture below to the left is a 55 gallon Steam Injection Boiler.  It is filled with water and direct fired by electricity, propane, or natural gas.  This is an open system, so the operating pressure is only around 3 PSI.  The steam which is around 220� F goes through the pipe coming out of the top of the Steam Injection Boiler and down into the bottom of the Stripping Still.  The steam comes out of the pipe in the bottom of the Stripping Still through many small holes that have been drilled in the pipe. These small bubbles of steam heat the mash in the still boiler up to operating temperature fairly quickly compared to some other methods. This system makes noises like a thumper  when it is in operation, that is because this system operates very similar to the way that a thumper does. 

You can also use the steam injection boiler as a hot water source for all of your process needs. You can also use it like an HLT if you want to sparge Barley.  The steam from this unit is 100% Sanitary.

Our 55 gallon Steam Injection Boiler will fire a still or mash cooker up to 100 gallons capacity. This unit comes with:

  • 50 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 55 gallon Actual Capacity
  • 5 PSI Pressure Relief Valve
  • 15 PSI ASME Rated Relief Valve
  • 2 PSI Vacuum Breaker
  • 1" Drain Valve
  • 25 PSI Pressure Gauge
  •  Thermo port in the Side with a 3" Commercial Grade Thermometer
  • Ring Clamp Lid with a Heat Resistant, Alcohol Resistant Gasket
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Connection for Steam Injection Plumbing
  • Polished to a Medium Luster
  • Built from a Used Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum so it may have some dings
  • Stainless steel plumbing for connecting to 1 of our Mash Tuns or Stripping Stills

Base Price: $2,755.00

Payment terms are:

1/3 Payment due when ordering equipment.

1/3 Payment due when equipment is completed.

1/3 Payment plus shipping due when equipment is ready to ship.


  • Burner stand with 270,000 BTU burner $350.00
  • Burner with side plates $400.00
  • 22,000 watt 120 amp 230vac Single Phase Electric Heating System with controller $1,455.00
  • 25 square ft Heat Exchanger capable of producing 170 lbs of Steam per hour $1,500.00

To order additional options, please call 417-778-6100

The Heat Exchanger option will give you a heat up time of around 80 minutes for your Mash Cooker.  With the heat exchanger the heat up time for the Injection Boiler would be around 40 minutes.  Heat up times are double that without the heat exchanger.

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Above is one of our 55 gallon gas fired Backwoods Series Steam Injection Boilers.

Above is one of our electric 55 gallon Backwoods Series Steam Injection Boilers (right) and one of our 100 gallon Backwoods Series Mash Tuns with agitation and built in cooling coil (left).  The Steam Injection Boiler Controller is leaning up against the Mash Tun