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All of our Moonshine Stills are fully functional.  We have Moonshine Stills in many different sizes and configurations.  The moonshine still at the top of this page is built from a 55 gallon stainless steel food grade barrel.  It has a Stainless and Copper Whiskey Head with a Liebig Condenser.  It is capable of producing  120 Proof Moonshine from sugar mash all day long.

The 26 gallon Moonshine Still to the left has an Ozark Mountain Flute with a built in Dephlegmator. This stainless flute is filled with structured copper packing.  The structured copper packing removes the sulfides from the alcohol vapor thereby improving the flavor of the finished product.  This still will with this flute will produce alcohol up to 180 proof.

The bottom left picture shows one of our 5 gallon Moonshine Stills with a  Traditional 2" Whiskey Head.

The picture below shows an 8 gallon Moonshine Still with a Traditional Whiskey Head. 

It is legal for you to own a small still under federal law.  A small still may be used legally to produce fuel ethanol as long as you have a permit to do so and the permit is free.  It is also legal for you to produce essential oils with these stills under federal law.  Please fallow all federal and State laws when using your still.


To See Our Catalog with all of our different products CLICK HERE