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The picture above is of one of our Pro Series Combination Mash Tun Stripping Stills.  If you would like to visit the distillery to see this still in operation and hear what the owner has to say about this still just email us at and we will send you the contact information.


 The drawing below shows our newest design.  This new design improves efficiency and decreases mash cooking time.  Prices are the same for the new off center column design and the old centered column design.  The new design has better agitation, while maintaining the same operating characteristics, as the old design for the stripping run.


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The Design Drawing to the left is of one of our Steam Injected Mash Tun/Stripping Stills.  This unit serves as both a Mash Cooker and Stripping Still.  The HLT supplies hot water for mashing, CIP and any other process were hot water is needed.  The HLT also supplies steam for cooking the mash and for the Stripping Run as well.  If your grain bill primarily consists of corn than this is the set up for you. This system has several advantages over direct fire systems. 

  1. The HLT only costs about 25% of the cost of a low pressure Steam Boiler which will save you $15,000.00 or more, and even though it is always better to have a low pressure steam boiler, our steam injected systems gives you most of the same advantages.

  2. This Mash Tun/Stripping Still has a Cooling Jacket for cooling your mash from 212 F down to 155F, so that you can throw the Barley Malt, and then once the Scarification process is complete the Agitator and Cooling Jacket are used to cool the mash down to 70F.  When purchasing distilling equipment many people overlook cooling for their mash tun.  Having no way to cool your mash quickly during the cooking and scarification process is a giant mistake that leads to an inferior product and extends the mashing time by many hours.  Our Steam Jacketed Mash Tuns have cooling jackets as well.

  3. With Steam Injection you can leave the grain without having to worry about scorching the mash during the cooking process.

  4. The steam injected stripping run is also done on the grain.  The steam injected stripping run strips every drop of alcohol out of the mash.  There is no residual alcohol left in the mash.  Stripping on the grain, rather than trying to separate the liquids from the solids saves you thousands of dollars over a span of a few months distilling.

  5. The steam injected stripping run separates out the liquids from the solids which saves you a great deal of time and labor. 

  6. Since the low wines are liquids with no solids you can run them in a Direct Fire Spirit Still, which costs thousands less than a jacketed still.

Our steam injection boiler fired systems do have disadvantages compared to low pressure steam boilers fired systems.

  1. Steam injection is noisy because the vessel being injected with steam makes a banging noise due to the pressure wave created by the hot steam entering the cold mash.  As the temperature of the mash increases the thumping will decrease in intensity until it finally stops when the pressure becomes equal.

  2. Our steam injection boilers are only about 75% efficient, were as the Rite Low Pressure Steam Boilers that we sell are around 85% efficient. So over the long term, low pressure steam boilers are more cost effective.

  3. The largest steam injection HLT that we build has a 200 gallon capacity and produces 320Kbtu  The largest still or mash tun that can be fired by it is 300 gallons.

  4. Though we have Steam Injection HLT's that are operating in distilleries all over the US, a low pressure steam boiler is easier to get past the inspectors in most instances.  However, all of our customers who purchased our Steam injection HLT's got those units through the inspection process.

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