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26 gal. Backwoods Series Spirit Still

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Backwoods Series Stills

Backwoods Series Stripping Stills

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Pro Series Stripping Stills

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   If you are on a tight budget but still want a great Spirit Still, then our Backwoods Series Spirit Stills are just what the doctor ordered. They are affordable and built to last, plus they are built right here in the good old USA. We build these Backwoods Series Spirit Stills from used food grade stainless still vessels, such as used stainless still drums and used stainless steel jacketed cooker kettles. We have Backwoods Series Spirit Stills that are direct fired with Propane or natural gas (like the still in the picture above) and we have them direct fired with electric heating elements. We also have Backwoods Spirit Stills that are indirectly fired with self contained heating jackets like the still in the picture at the left and the one in the picture at the bottom left. 

   Our Jacketed Backwoods Series Spirit are built from used jacketed cooker kettles that come out of food processing plants, prisons and schools.  Originally they were all fired with Low Pressure Steam Boilers, but we usually convert them to self contained electrically fired stills. We can also build them so that they can still be fired by Low Pressure Steam Boiler. We also sell Rite Low Pressure Steam Boilers.

  We clean and recondition these used food grade stainless vessels so that the stainless steel retains its stainless qualities. We use a special gel which removes all of the weld tint from the vessels.  If needed, we passivate these used stainless vessels with Citric Acid.  We also polish all of our stainless  Backwoods Spirit Stills to a medium luster before shipment. Both of the Copper Columns shown on this page are Reflux Columns. The Stainless column, with the site glasses and valves, is a bubble plate column.  The stainless column also has structured copper packing in the column to remove the sulfides from the alcohol vapor and to improve the flavor of the Spirits.  Both columns have dephlegmators to increase reflux.  All of the columns on this page will produce up to 180 proof spirits.