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   Distilling in two runs gives you better flavor, higher alcohol content and it increases the smoothness of your products. Distilling in two runs does not double the amount of distilling time as some people might think. The Stripping Run can be done very quickly as there are no cuts to be made and the heat is turned up so the low wines come out of the condenser" like a Mule pissing", as my Grandfather used to say.  Also, when properly carried out, the stripping run will remove all of the alcohol from the mash.

   The 55 gallon Stripping Still in the picture at the below left is a great little stripping still for washes which do not contain any solids.  It can be direct fired with natural gas or propane or it can be fired by electric heating elements. Like all of our backwoods series equipment, this still is very affordable at a price that is well below $2,000.00.  The head configuration on our current 55 gallon direct fire stripping stills are a little different now. It is all stainless with a much larger condenser.

   We also have Jacketed Backwoods Series Stripping Stills with agitators as an option.  Please see the drawing and the text at the bottom of this page concerning our Steam Injected Stripping Stills.


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55 gal. Backwoods Stripping Still

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   The picture at the bottom left and the picture at the top right show a Steam Injected Stripping Still. The unit to the right in the picture is a Steam Injection Boiler.  It is filled with water and direct fired by electricity, propane, or natural gas.  This is an open system, so the operating pressure is only around 3 PSI.  The steam which is around 220 F goes through the pipe coming out of the top of the Steam Injection Boiler and down into the bottom of the Stripping Still.  The steam comes out of the pipe in the bottom of the Stripping Still through many small holes that have been drilled in the pipe. These small bubbles of steam heat the mash in the still boiler up to operating temperature fairly quickly compared to some other methods. This system makes noises like a thumper  when it is in operation, that is because this system operates very similar to the way that a thumper does. 

   You can use the steam injection boiler as a hot water source for all of your process needs. You can also use it like an HLT if you want to sparge Barley. 

   Steam injection is an old tried and true method of distilling. The Steam Injected Stripping Still in the photos will produce 30% ABV Low Wines that you can then pore into your Spirit Still for the Spirit Run.  If you are going to primarily use corn, then this is the setup for you.  You can use the Stripping Still's Boiler fired by the Steam Injection Boiler to cook the corn, then later, once the Corn Mash has fermented (you can ferment in the Stripping Still's boiler if you like) you can add the Quick Attach Stripping Still Head and Gatlin Gun Condenser and do the stripping run. 

   There are some other added benefits to steam injection.  Steam produces 10 times more heat than hot water and with steam you don't have to worry about scorching the mash.  Since you don't have to worry about scorching the Mash you can do the stripping run on the grain.  Doing the stripping run on the grain has several advantages.  The first of which, is that you do not lose all of the alcohol that is left in the grain like you do when you separate the liquid from the solids and distill only the liquid.  The best advantage of this system is that you separate the liquid from the solids when you do the Stripping Run. 

   The vessels can be fitted with wheels so that everything can be moved around as you go through the different processes.  Also, there are several safety features including over fill and under full alarms for the steam injection boiler and pressure relief for the steam injection boiler.