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The Fermenters below are Pro Series open top 300 gallon  Fermenters for corn.  They are jacketed on 2 sides.

Our Pro Series line of Fermenters are designed and built to last a lifetime.   Our Pro Series line of Traditional Square Fermenters work great for Whiskey, Bourbon and even Brandy Mashes.  The large drain valves will keep your drain from clogging.  Our Larger Square Pro Series Fermenters were designed to be moved by forklift.  The 300 gallon and larger ones are built using 3mm to 6mm 304 Stainless Steel.   These Fermenters come with or without cooling jackets.

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55 gal. Backwoods Series Fermenter

100 gal. Backwoods Series Fermenter

Pro Series Conical Fermenters

Pro Series Square and Round Fermenters

200 Gallon Fermenter

300 Gallon Fermenter

400 Gallon Fermenter

500 Gallon Fermenter

600 Gallon Fermenter

800 Gallon Fermenter

The picture below is of one of our 300 gallon Pro Series Jacketed Fermenters.

The bottoms of  our Pro Series Square Fermenters are sloped so that all of the contents will drain out.




The picture below is of one of our Pro Series 300 gallon open top Fermenters without jackets.  All of our Square Pro Series Fermenters were designed to be moved by forklift.